I offer three services - manuscript assessment, copy-editing and proofreading.


Manuscript assessment: An honest, detailed appraisal of your manuscript which will help you to understand whether it is likely to achieve commercial publication. An assessment will provide practical guidelines for self-editing and give developmental and structural advice about basic narrative elements, showing you what you’re doing well, what’s working less well, and how to get your manuscript into the best possible shape.

Copy-editing: This might be appropriate after having your manuscript assessed to get it ready for submission it to a literary agent/self-publication. A copy-edit will cover basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar and look overall at improving the quality of the text. It will look at the overall consistency of the book, watching out for weak areas of writing, and make corrections where necessary. Copy-editing can involve some basic rewriting or highlighting of areas of text that an author needs to look at again. It might also be appropriate to check facts and point out material that could be considered libellous.

Proof-reading: This is usually the last stage before publication, and will involve correcting basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also examines consistency in formatting, capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation etc.

If you decide that any of these services would be useful for you, please send me a sample of your work, a total word count and a brief email detailing the type of work you are submitting, and what you are hoping to do with the manuscript (self-publish, submit to an agent, etc.) along with an idea of timescale; whether you are flexible, and if you have a deadline in mind. Please think ahead by a few weeks where possible because this work will need to be booked in advance.

I will give you a project fee in advance, as well as an outline of what you can expect to be done and by when.


Current hourly fee - £25
Project fee - dependent on length of work