09-01-2017: School memories

Today at the hairdressers Hymn to Her by The Pretenders was on the stereo. I was instantly back at school in the 5th year (yr 11) sitting in my form room at lunchtime. Smell of paint, drying clay, girls’ Avon perfume, boys’ sweat. This was the head of Art’s room and he had the radio on all the time. Mr Marchington thought it made us more creative. I was 16 and liked a boy who liked me, which was evidenced by (mutual) provocation and low level violence. I think it was summer or at least it felt like a languid, warm, slow time. We were waiting for registration and Hymn to Her came on - it was well known - it was the kind of song that boys could enjoy because the Pretenders were quite cool. So when the chorus came it seemed natural for everyone in the room to sing or la-la or hum-along. And they did. And I knew then that I wouldn’t ever forget this moment when I loved that song, that old art room and all the people in that room I’d shared my school life with since I was 11, even though we all went our separate ways shortly afterwards.

And she will always carry on Something is lost But something is found They will keep on speaking her name Some things change, some stay the same.

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