Reduce, recycle, re-purpose

That last word sounds a tad Martha Stewart but hey ho: I've been thinking about how to reduce plastic and recycle in a practical, creative way. I'm sure this isn't earth shatteringly original, but I think a project is in order. The plan is to re-purpose fabric that may be languishing at the back of a cupboard or under the bed: old pillow cases, sheets, linens, shirts, tablecloths, tea towels, clothes with sentimental value. From them I'd like to make functional items that won't be too laborious to produce - i.e. - basic shopping bags, drawstring vegetable bags etc - usable stuff that isn't precious but will mean you don't reach for plastic. What have you got in your cupboards? Give it to me and get something that will have a meaning and utility - Give turtles a chance!

#recycling #savetheturtles #downwithplastic

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