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Dull and drizzly clumps of snowdrops brighten at my feet and the birds are singing and busy again which makes me smile they have been quiet for so long god my legs are heavy today there's a vociferous robin can it really be a year since Trump came to power he's such a baby boasting about his wall and his big red button and how he is the least racist person you will ever meet he makes me sad for America not that we're any great example to the world but hey we're getting the Bayeux tapestry and there's cheesy Macron taking selfies with Maybot all seems a bit silly really when we've a perfectly good relationship with France to be having to cosy up at the same time as pulling away politics is nothing but hypocrisy and short term'ism all puddles and mud today with flashes of rubbish there's a Cadbury's chocolate button packet Haribo mini-cheddars Tunnock's teacakes there's a blast from the past reminds me of Scotland girl walking along ear clamped to her phone but looking up into the trees as if inspired a primrose winking yellow I've some in my garden such a cheerful flower now some dog walkers having a chat is there a collective term for dog walkers a pooch perhaps or a poop on the home strait now pick up the pace for last few yards though I'm more of a metres girl home stretch drink.

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