Camel beauty contest gets hump over Botox cheats

Overjoyed to read this headline yesterday! Twelve camels were barred from beauty pageant because their owner touched them up with Botox. Attendance at the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival is around 300,000 and the prize money £40million, so you can understand why these gorgeous beasts need to look their shapely best.

On this same page of news other nuggets of delight include: the first monkeys cloned in China, an animal lover asphyxiated by his pet African rock python, Tiny, and - my favourite - police called to a teenage girl's birthday party when it was gate-crashed by drunken private school boys. The girl was - deliciously - Michael Gove's daughter, and I enjoyed picturing the scene of debauchery that followed the raiding of his drinks cabinet very much. The schadenfreude made my day!

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