Take your lizard for a walk!

I was out running the other day in my local patch and I passed the usual dog walkers exchanging pleasantries and parents with toddlers in pushchairs. As I came up behind one man, I noticed that in the hood of his sweater a lizard was clinging, legs akimbo, apparently quite relaxed. I stared to confirm that this was indeed the case, and ran past the man and his lizard. I looked back at him and thought about checking that he knew about the lizard in his hood, but decided that he must know. Mustn't he? He seemed quite unconcerned - just out for a walk.

In other news - delightfully - 'a bearded US army soldier who worships Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is being permitted to keep his beard as part of the military's effort to be more accommodating.' (I - May 1) Facial hair isn't a religious requirement, apparently, if you are a Norse pagan, but is very much encouraged. Soldiers are also - as of 2017 - allowed to wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons. Heartening to know that although their Commander in Chief is a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist liar, his soldiers can be comfortable in their own skin (in accordance with Army uniform and grooming standards).

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