Morning has broken!

Our yoga savasana music last week was Cat Stevens' version of 'Morning has broken (like the first morning)..' Lying on my back on my mat, I was instantly transported to the Big Hall of my primary school where we gathered for assembly every morning. Big flip-over hymn sheet and Mr Adler on the piano - big specs and big temper but mostly kind - lunch smells drifting in from the kitchen. In this moment I am a child again, slightly dreading Beta Maths after break but looking forward to White Fang in the reading corner afterwards.

Brilliant Christina has been talking about the interconnectedness of all things (but not in a Dirk Gently way) - how our bodies and our beings are borrowed from the world - a bit of genetic material from our parents, the food we eat etc. We come into the world and pass out of it and though we may feel a sense of separateness, we are part of everything and go back into everything. It's a humbling thought, but also a comforting one. Whatever traces we leave behind us, let them be good ones, like Cat Steven's funky version of an old classic and my memories of being young and earnest and full of singing.

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