I run book art workshops in schools, bookshops and colleges, aiming to give you an introduction to the history of and ideas behind book art, and to acquaint you with techniques such as book sewing and paper folding. Most importantly, you will gain firsthand experience of book art by creating some yourself! I can offer workshops as standalone sessions lasting ~1 hour, or deliver them on a more long-term basis - for example, weekly or monthly. I have provided a template of what initial sessions could look like below; subsequent workshops would aim to explore more complex book structures and techniques, such as case binding, multiple-section sewing and exposed spine bindings.

What to expect

  • A short introduction to Book Art in the context of the book’s historical development i.e - early mark-making on clay, papyrus, bones and wood etc to the invention of paper in AD 105 and then of movable type in the 15th century.

    • How paper and the printing press combined changed the course of book history

    • The book in the 21st century and how its physical form has been revised to meet new demands

    • How, despite the ‘calamity' language, the book has reinvented itself and is still relevant/beloved, not just as a reading machine but as an object of beauty in its own right.

  • That final idea about the book as a material object will lead me to my own book art and thence to the book structures I intend to focus on:

    • The codex

    • The accordion fold

  • There’ll be some technical language, i.e. - head, tail, fore-edge, spine, sections/ signatures, board endpaper, folio etc and some information about paper, but only in the context of the making.

  • Student/participants will make 3 different structures (all materials and tools supplied):

    • Accordion book (with variations)

    • Five hole pamphlet sewn book

    • Three hole pamphlet sewn book with Butterfly/wraparound cover

  • Once they have made these simple structures, students can adapt them and make their own versions for notebooks and sketchbook, journals etc. Students can keep everything they make!

  • As a visual aid, I’ll bring in my own work and show some images using Powerpoint.

For more information, prices and to arrange workshops, please contact me.

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